Simultaneous' gear is centered around the Elektron suite of performance machines for the main sounds, effects and hands-on controls:-

Elektron Octatrack - an 8 stereo channel sampler, sequencer, mixer, loop machine, MIDI and effects controller.

Elektron Analog Rytm - an 8 stereo channel \ 12 part analogue drum synthesiser, sequencer, MIDI and effects controller.

Elektron Analog Keys - a 4 stereo channel, 4 voice synthesiser, sequencer, MIDI and effects controller.

Elektron Analog Heat - a stereo sound processor and effects unit.

These Elektron machines form the core live performance and studio writing setup. The Octatrack plays the role of main mixer for all the hardware synthesiser sounds with the Analog Keys and Analog Rhythm routing to dedicated stereo channels on the OT so they can be controlled by the OT effects along with the master sound giving many levels of grouping of effects and sound processing to enable any combination of changes configured to minimum hand gestiures.

In addition the Analog Rhythm routes through the Analog Heat on its way to the OT so there is another level of sound processing and effects on the rhythm parts. Useful for moving the drum parts in a direction of their own separate from how any other sounds are affected.

Of course all of the Elektron machines have superior configurability and precise physical controls built into the hardware meaning these can be played like musical instruments, rather than sequencers for example. Of course preparing and configuring at the writing stage gives many options on how the sounds can be performed and transformed in a live environment.

Without the capabilities these Elektron machines provide, performing arrangements so complex but with full control for a solo performer would not be possible. Thank you Elektron!

In addition, within the studio, the Analog synthesisers are routed onto the MacBook Pro, and Apple Logic Pro X through the Elektron Overhub - An advanced digital interface between the Elektron Analog machines and whichever computer and DAW is being used.

The final hardware synthesiser to complete the soundscape is the awesome Arturia Matrixbrute. I added this massively powerful synthesiser specifically to enable full controls of a single sound so I could get the fidelity and strength of sound for big phat bass and lead synth sounds.The Matrixbrute is routed through the Analog Keys so it appears as another part along with the Elektron synth sounds so it is still part of the bigger soundstage within the same control mechanisms and doesn't sound apart from the rest of the sound, whilst still giving that awesome independent sound and control.

Arturia Matrixbrute

Simultaneous Sounds